Strongman – The Doug Hepburn Story Book


Written By: Tom Thirston

  • ISBN 978-1-55380-009-5 (1-55380-009-5)
  • 6″ x 9″ Trade Paperback, 296 pages
  • Biography, Weightlifting

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Doug Hepburn
Canada’s only World Men’s Champion (1953) – Stockholm, Sweden
I used to work for CanadaPost and one week I had to fill in for a Postal Worker who was away on vacation in Vancouver. As I began sorting the mail for the day there was one name that popped up about a dozen times and it was Doug Hepburn.  I thought to myself – is this the famous Doug Hepburn I had heard of but had never met?  I was really looking forward to delivering his mail and hopefully getting the opportunity to meet him for the first time.  When I arrived at his address I was unsure whether I should just deliver the mail and keep going or if I should knock on the door.  I decided to knock and Doug answered the door. I introduced myself and found that he knew who I was.  He followed the sport over the internet and through the papers. We had a great conversation that day and all through the week.


At the end of my week delivering Doug’s mail I asked him for his phone number which allowed us to speak a number of times on the phone.  Prior to his passing – I asked Doug if it would be possible to start a competition in his name and he agreed. There was already a historical event taking place in Quebec honouring Louis Cyr which is still going strong so the Junior Doug Hepburn Championships was created which is a Youth only event in British Columbia. 2016 will mark the 19th Annual Junior Doug Hepburn.


I was hoping to have Doug Hepburn as a Special Guest at the 2003 World Weightlifting Championships in Vancouver (50 Years since his World Title) but sadly he passed away November 22, 2000.


Strongman – The Doug Hepburn Story – A great read!!!


Guy Greavette

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