BioSteel Advanced Recovery Formula


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BioSteel Advanced Recovery Formula (ARF)

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Ideally used as a post-training/post-competition supplement, ARF meets the recovery needs of Elite drug free athletes worldwide (Gluten Free)

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  • Between Training/Competitions athletes will have a faster rate of recovery
  • Increased lean body mass, decreased body fat and improved performance takes place due to the increase of muscle protein synthesis and glycogen re-synthesis
  • Through the “Bio-Gen” and “Bio-Pro Tri-Phasic” nutrient release system, ARF allows for ideal fuel for athletes immediately following Training/Competitions
  • Optimal digestion and protein utilization takes place and ARF improves immune function and intestinal health


Each batch is certified by Informed Choice as per WADA standards; all BioSteel products are guaranteed not to contain any traces of banned substances, making BioSteel Sports Supplements the only choice for drug free athletes.

Supported by scientific research and testing, BioSteel Advanced Recovery Formula contains precise amounts and ratios of the highest quality protein and amino acids.

After physically demanding sport activities BioSteel Advanced Recovery Formula provides the body with the proper nutrients required to speed up recovery so that athletes are better prepared to continue working hard.

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